Just brought up BSDLite4.4 on Microchip MEB II
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Author:  GCSimmonsJr [ Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Just brought up BSDLite4.4 on Microchip MEB II

Hey folks!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was able to bring BSDLite4.4 up on my PIC32MZ EC + MEB II I purchased at Microchip Masters this year, and I was able to do it using the MPLAB X IDE v3.35 tool!! (I don't have a PicKit2 or 3.)

I did this by creating a Pre-built Image project, and pointed to the vmunix.hex file.

First issue I ran into was that the Configuration registers weren't programmed correctly. I edited the vmunix.hex file and noticed that the register record said:


Which according to ... II%20board , this is not correct.

In the MPLAB X tool, I can display the configuration registers with "Window -> PIC Memory Views -> Configuration Bits. I edited the record until I was able to get the Config registers to show correctly.


That did it! I also purchased an MEB II UART to USB Adapter, pulling all the jumpers and wiring the RXD and TXD pins from the Jumpers to pins 4 and 6 on the PicTail (with blue wires around the posts.

BSD kernel came up and boot messages started pouring out, but it was having trouble reading my uSD card (1GB.) I ended up grabbing a 512MB uSD card and programming the sdimage to it, and the system completely came up!!

I'm an old NetBSDer from 1995/6, and had been running NetBSD on an x86 system up until about 10 years ago, when it seemed Linux was taking over the planet. I was excited to see that not only was that not the case, but you have TWO BSD ports running on a PIC32MX and a PIC32MZ! Wonderful work!!

I want to see how these platforms work in an IOT application environment. I will keep you posted if anyone is interested!

Gerry Simmons

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