QEMU and RetroBSD
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Author:  rmiddleton [ Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:47 pm ]
Post subject:  QEMU and RetroBSD

I've been messing around with RetroBSD for the past few days, and I was looking to try it out on QEMU. However, I run into a few problems getting it to run.

I've built the QEMU target from sergev, and I can run the sample hex files fine. However, once I try to run a kernel that I have built on my computer, it doesn't run properly. If I try to run the max32 code, I see the splash screen but the system keeps on restarting. If I try to run the explorer16 code, I get
--- pic32_uart_put_char(unit = 1) serial port not configured

continually printed. (I did manage to fix this once on some custom code, but I forget what I did, it doesn't seem to be very reliable).

Has anybody run into this before? I don't have real hardware to test on at the moment, so the emulator is th next best thing.

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