New utility for kernel configuration: kconfig
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Author:  vak [ Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:28 am ]
Post subject:  New utility for kernel configuration: kconfig

Since revision 354, a new tool is used for kernel configuration: kconfig. It has been developed based on traditional config(8) utility from 4.4BSD, and extensively modified to fit the RetroBSD needs. You can find a user's guide here:

An example of kernel configuration for Duinomite board:
architecture    "pic32"
cpu             "PIC32MX7"                  # Processor variant
board           "PICADILLO_35T"             # Board type
ldscript        "max32/bootloader.ld"       # Linker script

# Standard system options
options         "CPU_KHZ=80000"             # Oscillator frequency of CPU core
options         "BUS_KHZ=80000"             # Frequency of peripheral bus
options         "BUS_DIV=1"                 # Bus clock divisor 1/2/4/8

config          unix    root on sd0a        # Kernel and root filesystem
                        swap on sd0b

device          uart1                       # UART-to-USB converter
options         "CONSOLE_DEVICE=tty0"       # Console at /dev/tty0

controller      spi2                        # Port SPI2 connected to microSD card

# microSD card
device          sd0     at spi2 pin RG9     # Select pin
options         "SD0_MHZ=10"                # Speed 10 MHz
options         "SD0_PORT=2"                # At spi2
options         "SD0_CS_PORT=TRISG"         # For chip select...
options         "SD0_CS_PIN=9"              # ...use pin RG9

device          gpio                        # General purpose I/O ports
device          adc                         # ADC driver
device          pwm                         # PWM driver
device          hxtft                       # HX8357 TFT display driver

The following boards are supported:

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