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 Post subject: Re: pic32prog
PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:17 pm 
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I've created a proper fix and submitted a pull request.

Adapters now have an extra "flags" field in their struct which needs to be populated when the adapter is initialized. It defines what operations are valid for that adapter at that time - read, write, erase or probe. All the adapters default to having all 4 operations enabled, but if the pickit2 adapter detects CP is enabled then it drops to just erase being available.

If you try and perform an invalid operation it complains and doesn't go any further. It's no longer a failure trying to open the pickit2 adapter with a CP enabled device.

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 Post subject: Re: pic32prog
PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:20 pm 

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nroff-man wrote:
and I imagine that nobody
will ever want to use a slower solution for any reason whatsoever.

there really is little point doing this

the properties of ubiquity and extreme cheapness come to mind.

arduino 328p based boards are everywhere and cost next to nothing. and a great many hobbyists have the arduino IDE already installed on their PC. like it or not, while the arduino line is decidedly non-perfect, it has reached a critical mass such that one can start to make assumptions that the average hobbyists will have access to one.

i've managed to get programming an MX170 down to just over 2 minutes (2:10), which i am extremely happy with. this is with pic32prog, an arduino nano (or similar), 5 resistors, and a 3v3 zener diode.

btw, this involves ignoring the state of the PrAcc bit returned by xfer_fastdata. so far i've never encountered PrAcc being cleared. however, i do see very occasional fails when writing a row, always the first row, and usually just after i've recompiled pic32prog. am struggling to track down this very occasional problem. it seems to be the PE going south.

rob :-)

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