2.11BSD operating system for microcontrollers
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:40 pm 
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Fresh made (make clean, make) it shows
(set in pic32_ubw32.conf -
sdcard0_size = 64 # Mbytes is my size
uart2_type = console # uart2 is my console) :

pito@ubuntu:~/retrobsd/tools/virtualmips$ ./pic32
VirtualMIPS (version 0.06-retrobsd)
Copyright (c) 2008 yajin, 2011 vak.
Build date: Aug 28 2011 11:32:22

Using configure file: pic32_ubw32.conf
ram_size: 128k bytes
boot_method: Binary
flash_type: NOR FLASH
flash_size: 492k bytes
flash_file_name: ../../sys/pic32/ubw32/unix.bin
flash_phy_address: 0x1d005000
boot_from: NOR FLASH
sdcard0_size: 64M bytes
sdcard0_file_name: ../../root.bin
start_address: 0x9d006000
uart1_type = console
uart2_type = console
--- Start simulation: PC=0x9d006000, JIT disabled

2.11 BSD Unix for PIC32, build #1094:
Compiled 2011-08-28 by pito@ubuntu:
phys mem = 128 kbytes
user mem = 96 kbytes
root dev = (0,0)
console: port UART2
sd0: port SPI2, select pin E4
sd0: no SD/MMC card detected
panic: no root filesystem
no fs on dev 0/0
syncing disks... done
9d007024: wait instruction with interrupts disabled - stop the simulator.

--- Stop simulation

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