Supported Boards

SeeedStudio Fubarino SD

Fubarino SD board with PIC32MX795F512H microcontroller.

Olimex PIC32-RetroBSD

Olimex PIC32-RetroBSD board. Essentially, it's a variant of Pinguino-Micro board with MX795 microcontroller.

Olimex Duinomite, Duinomite-Mini, Duinomite-Mega, Duinomite-eMega

Maximite computer


Maximite computer, both original and color models.

CircuitGizmos CGMMSTICK1

chipKIT Max32 and WF32

chipkit-max32-large.jpg chipkit-wf32-large.jpg

chipKIT Max32 board, with MakerStudio SD Card Shield or Arduino Ethernet shield R3 or chipKIT WiFi shield.

chipKIT WF32 board, with microSD card on 2.4" LCD TFT display shield. WF32 board by itself already has a microSD socket, but it's useless for RetroBSD, as it is connected to GPIO pins, not to SPI port. Fortunately, a cheap shield is widely available ( Ebay, Amazon, AliExpress), which adds a microSD slot connected to SPI2 pins.

MikroElektronika multimedia for PIC32MX7

MikroElektronika multimedia board for PIC32MX7 microcontroller.